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Our engineers and scientists – drawn from over 30 different European countries – work at the cutting edge of technology, examining the latest inventions in every technical field in order to protect and promote innovation in Europe.

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Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch

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Anzahl Mitarbeiter weltweit: 5.001 - 10.000

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engineers and scientists

Candidate selection process - Ablauf des Auswahlverfahrens für Bewerber

Your CV and motivation letter should be written in one of the 3 official languages and should clearly indicate the following:
The period that you are available. Per default this is a period of 6 months.
The educational/vocational technical training you have completed and the degree or qualification you have obtained.
Provide details on the subjects of your main studies.
Provide details on your language skills.

Applications which are not filled out completely will be rejected without further evaluation. After submitting your application you will receive a confirmation notification by e-mail

Entry opportunities - Einstiegsmöglichkeiten

for students in studies

symbol1 yes internships

symbol2 no working student jobs

symbol2 no final theses

for graduates and professionals

symbol2 no graduate trainee programm

symbol2 no direct entry for graduates (without professional experience)

symbol1 yes junior professionals

symbol2 no senior job

symbol2 no career changer (for people who want to enter a new professional field)

Work opportunities in our company

Bauingenieurwesen, Elektrotechnik, Energie, Fahrzeugtechnik, Gesundheitstechnik, Medientechnik, Metall, Physik, Verfahrenstechnik

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Hinweise zu den Einstiegsmöglichkeiten - Im Studium: -be a national of one of the EPO member states
-Hold a technical bachelor's or a technical master's degree (or equivalent qualifications) at the date of application, preferably in one of the above mentioned technical fields.
-Indicate on your CV or motivation letter 3 to 5 CPC classes or sub-classes of your field of competence (See EspaceNet >
-Have a very good knowledge of technical English.
-Knowledge of technical German and/or technical French is an advantage.
-Provide evidence of your own health insurance.
-Your degree should have been obtained no more than 2 years prior to the date of application or you should still be enrolled at a technical or science University.
- Informationen zum Einstellungsprofil - Mögliche Einsatzbereiche und Fachrichtungen:
Electrical and electronic technology , Handling and Processing , Information and communications technology , Mechanical engineering, Medical and consumer technology , Vehicles and general technology, Technical Chemistry , Audio Video Media, Information and communications technology
Citizenship of one of the member states of the European Patent Organisation.
Diploma of completed university studies at Master’s level in physics, chemistry, engineering or natural sciences.
The degree should be relevant to the technical field in which you would like to work.
Generally, an excellent knowledge of one official language (English, French and German) and the ability to understand the other two.
- weitere Infos - The European Patent Office (EPO) is the second-largest European organisation, employing 7 000 staff from over 30 countries. The EPO is the executive arm of the European Patent Organisation. It is headquartered in Munich, but also has a branch in The Hague, offices in Berlin and Vienna, and a liaison office in Brussels.

The EPO strives to support innovation and promote a knowledge-based society in Europe:
• Patent protection enables inventors and companies to be rewarded for their innovation.
• The EPO has built up the world's largest databases of technical information, which it makes available to the public free of charge.
• It also offers a complete range of training on patenting and IP issues

The EPO's mission is to secure the highest quality standards in patenting:
• The European Patent Convention (EPC) provides the legal backbone for its patenting practice.
• The EPO offers a uniform application procedure leading to patent protection in up to 40 European countries.
• Processes at the EPO are fair, transparent and closely monitored for quality at all times.

As an employer, the EPO provides a distinctly multinational work environment in an intellectually stimulating atmosphere:
• We focus on building long-term relationships with our employees.
• We empower our staff to take responsibility and make the right decisions.

Based on this foundation of mutual trust and respect, we at the EPO are ready to meet the future challenges in European intellectual property.

The EPO is an equal opportunity employer providing our staff with the chance to build long-term stable careers. We offer one of the most comprehensive and family-friendly benefits packages in Europe.

Work of an examiner
Today, patent quality is more important than ever. So not every invention can qualify for a European patent. And the people who take that decision are the EPO's patent examiners.
Patent examiners work at the forefront of technology and deal every day with the latest and most challenging technical innovations.

Science and law
Their daily work combines scientific expertise with analytical research and an eye for the legal aspects of intellectual property.
The main tasks of an examiner are to search and examine patent applications received by the EPO. Patent applications are texts and drawings describing an invention and submitted by individuals or companies seeking legal protection.
• The purpose of the search is to find the most relevant previously published technical disclosures ("prior art") against which the patentability of the application can be assessed.
• Substantive examination enables the applicant (or authorised representative such as a patent attorney) to be informed of any objections to the grant of a patent, with a view to resolving these through correspondence and, where necessary, oral proceedings.
• Examiners may also be involved in opposition proceedings if the patent is contested.

Required profile:
• Citizenship of one of the member states of the European Patent Organisation.
• Full university degree in physics, chemistry, engineering or natural sciences.
• a good working knowledge of at least two of the official languages (English, French and German) and the willingness to learn the third

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