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e-Commerce, Softwareentwicklung Software Development

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GoEuro is Europe’s leading travel platform. In a single search it connects you to any city center in Europe via plane, train & bus. GoEuro’s smart technology makes international travel comprehensive, convenient and cheap.

Europe’s high population density, short travel times, diverse cultures and different languages make travel here an experience unlike any other. At the same time, European travel can be extraordinarily complicated--each country has its own transportation providers, its own tongue and its own solutions for providing these services.

GoEuro’s technology processes this massive and complex data set, resulting in a single-search platform where people can plan their travel routes and purchase tickets from any city center to another. Our technology stitches together entire routes from any location to another by utilizing air travel and Europe’s high penetration of train and bus transportation. Travelers choose routes based on price & total travel time.

To learn more about GoEuro, visit http://www.goeuro.com

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Anzahl Mitarbeiter weltweit: 201 - 500

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IT, Internet, Travel

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Biotechnologie, BWL - Betriebswirtschaft, Computer Engineering, IT, Kommunikationstechnik, Kommunikationswissenschaft, Marketing, Mathematik, Medizinische Informatik, Personal - HR, Softwareentwicklung Software Development, Tourismus, Wirtschaftsinformatik

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Business, Informatik, Economics, Information Technology, Design, Marketing, Sales, Software Engineering

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