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Tenera is revolutionizing the construction industry by offering intelligent digital solutions to ensure the consistent success of construction projects.
Our goal is to offer a user-friendly and efficient tool that supports our customers in minimizing risks while saving time throughout the construction process. To this end, we created a SaaS platform focusing on tender management for general contractors and architects.
Built with and based on the guidance of our partner network of construction professionals, Tenera is bringing technology to where it makes sense. Our pragmatic application of AI-enabled automation and analysis as well as our cutting-edge user interface distinguish us in the market.

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Anzahl Mitarbeiter weltweit: 11 - 50

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Anmerkungen zum Einstellungsprofil - Tenera’s team in Berlin comes from all over the world and consists of 30 people with various backgrounds including construction industry veterans, successful entrepreneurs, engineers, product developers, designers and marketers.
We are continuing to grow. Join this incredible journey and get the unique chance to shape and influence the rebirth of an entire industry.
Visit our website www.tenera.io and join us on our journey!

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