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Viderum is an open data solutions provider spun off from Open Knowledge, an internationally recognized non-profit working to open knowledge and see it used to empower and improve the lives of citizens around the world. We build tools, provide advice, implement projects, and develop communities in the area of open data: data which can be freely shared and used. Our mission is to make the world’s public data discoverable and accessible to everyone.

Our team consists of around 30 specialists from six nations, spread over six locations in Europe and North America. We keep growing and we’re looking for someone passionate about using technology and open data to improve the lives of people around the world.

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Anzahl Mitarbeiter weltweit: 11 - 50

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for students in studies

symbol1 yes internships

symbol1 yes working student jobs

symbol2 no final theses

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symbol2 no graduate trainee programm

symbol1 yes direct entry for graduates (without professional experience)

symbol1 yes junior professionals

symbol1 yes senior job

symbol2 no career changer (for people who want to enter a new professional field)

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BWL - Betriebswirtschaft, Computer Engineering, Design, Furtherjobs, IT, Kommunikationstechnik, Kommunikationswissenschaft, Öffentliche Verwaltung, Psychologie, Softwareentwicklung Software Development, Wirtschaftsinformatik, Wirtschaftspsychologie

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Mögliche Einsatzbereiche und Fachrichtungen:
Informatik, Kommunikationstechnik, Politikwissenschaft

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