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Marketing, Operations, Business Administration, Business Development - weitere Infos - Stilnest is a venture-funded startup based in Berlin. Stilnest is a pioneer in the consumer application of 3D printing with the focus on jewelry and designer products. We work in an interdisciplinary and international team.

What we believe in

Diversity enriches our lives. That is true for humans as well as products. Our designers are from Sydney, Kailua Kona, Friedrichshafen and Mexico City. Among our artists are expressionists, minimalists, hedonists and family men and women. Our products are as different as the taste of our customers. Our colleges are designers, business administrators, artists, coders and curators. In a complex environment, diversity enables holistic answers.

Design is a dialogue of things. To participate this dialogue, we listen and intervene precisely. That is true for fashion as well as trends. We want to understand and have the courage to be patience. The other is part of the dialogue and not only part of the solution. We share our beliefs clear and sincerely. We want to be signal, not noise.

Cooperativeness is our core activity. We are the platform for a boundless connection of creativity, production and sales. Discreet connoisseurship, technical knowhow and unconditional promotion are our characteristics. Our partners are our capital and trust is our tool.

The exciting part of Stilnest, are the people and their different stories, inspiring creations and personal discoveries. Stilnest is the platform for an ecosystem of expression and design. We believe that a collective of people is more than the sum of their characteristics. Stilnest is a people business.


Berlin is our home. We are located in the city center. We actively decided to move to Berlin for good reasons. Among the 3.4 Million people are 180 different nationalities. That makes the city colorful, exciting and multilingual. Berlin is a metropolis. Culture, politics, media and science are at home here. One third of the city’s space is covered with forest, parks, gardens, rivers and lakes. The cost of living is sensational low. Oh and the Currywurst was invented here.



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