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P3 develops new business models enabling our customer to gain future sources of income and accompanies them in building up their skills.

P3 supports and empowers customer organizations to build robust structures to operate sustainably and grow in the future.

P3 provides end-to-end solutions in the field of security consulting and guarantees a seamless service and product rollout.

Material Management and Logistics (M/F/D)

Ref.Nr. 3550 EN | Location: Greenville (SC, USA)

  • You will work with supplier development engineers to determine course of action to acquire necessary product
  • You will manage details that are related to acquisition and procurement within P3
  • You will maintain existing relationships with companies and contractors
  • You should oversee purchasing, shipping, and inventory of materials
  • You will be responsible for well-attained records of orders, purchases, and distribution
  • You have experience with ERP Systems Management (SQL, SAP, ORACL)
  • You have knowledge of material flow, demand, and warehousing
  • You are experienced in data analytics and making data driven decisions
  • You are able to take intangible data and link it to physical processes and identify process gapping
  • You have a Bachelor's degree in any logistics or management related field, as well as experience in a position in which procurement and supplies are handled
P3 Benefits Remote Workingflexible working scheduleCofee, Refreshments and FruitsSmart WorkEvents and Team building activitiesNetworking and knowlegde sharingCompetitive working conditionsPersonal and professional career developmentFriendly team of helpful colleaguesHealth insurance / Medical OfficerInnovative projects with prestigious international customers