Quality Assurance of ADAD/AD Perception Systems

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Arbeitgeber: Audi AG

Jobdatum: 23. Januar 2023

Einstiegsart: Abschlussarbeiten

Einsatzort: Ingolstadt; Bayern

Stellenbeschreibung - Quality Assurance of ADAD/AD Perception Systems

connecticum Job 1605691 / I-A-91348

Quality Assurance of ADAD/AD Perception Systems
Abschlussarbeiten (z. B. Diplomarbeit)
Forschung / Entwicklung
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Work Environment

The development team for ADAS/AD innovations at AUDI AG conducts cutting-edge multidisciplinary applied research on safety assurance of learning-enabled autonomous driving systems with a particular focus on providing methods and tools for the development of Audi's next generation autonomous driving systems. Your involvement in the pre-development of automated driving at AUDI AG will allow you to gain experience in this fast-growing field and participate in the development of conditional and highly automated driving functions in an environment that is both scientifically oriented and practical.

The Audi Verifiable AI (AVAI) project aims at bridging the gap between AI and formal verification areas to support homologation of Audi's next generations autonomous cars. It primarily focuses on developing methods and tools to ensure safety and security of learning-enabled ADAS/AD systems.

Job Purpose/Role

Deep neural networks are widely used in various fields such as image classification, but surprisingly can be vulnerable against adversarial attacks. This has led to safety concerns in the use of deep neural networks in safety-critical systems such as autonomous driving. To address the latter, during your master thesis, you will develop new concepts and algorithms that ensure the robustness and safety of neural networks.

  • Learning and mastering the relevant state of the art
  • Concept development and prototypical implementation of algorithms
  • Evaluation of the methods based on measured data
Key Requirements/Skills/Experience
  • Course of studies in a technical area (e. g. computer science, mathematics or comparable) and excellent academic track record
    • Demonstrated experience in at least one of the following topics: machine learning, neural networks; computer vision; optimization theory; control theory or formal verification
    • Solid programming skills in Python or C++
    • Experience in AI and big data frameworks, e. g. TensorFlow, Keras, Scikit-learn
    • The ability to work autonomously in an international environment, creativity, team spirit and a pro-active attitude are imperative
Additional information
This position is available at AUDI AG in Ingolstadt
ust for reasons of easier readability, only the grammatical male form is used in person names. This always means people of every gender identity.

We embrace diversity, actively encourage inclusion and create an environment that fosters each employee’s individuality in the interests of the company.

Reference code: I-A-91348

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Quality Assurance of ADAD/AD Perception Systems

Connecticum Job 1605691 / I-A-91348
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