Thesis: Contextual Recommended Speed (F/H)

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    Jobdatum 24. Juni 2022
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    Thesis: Contextual Recommended Speed (F/H) - Stellenbeschreibung

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    Thesis: Contextual Recommended Speed (F/H)
    Thesis: Contextual Recommended Speed (F/H)
    *Topic of the thesis*

    Excessive speed is a major factor for serious car accidents.

    Drivers may not always be aware of the most appropriate speed due to complex traffic situations, missing speed limit signs, or weather conditions. That's the purpose of Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA) systems, helping drivers acknowledge the best speed so they can be sure that their safety will be guaranteed.

    Continental supports, through this thesis, the development of an online recommendation system capable of finding the optimal safe speed based on vehicle driving context.

    Recommend the most appropriate speed with regards to the current driving context is a challenge for the future of autonomous mobility and driving safety.

    The aim of this thesis is to solve this problem by leveraging the following available contextual information:
    - Map data
    - V2X communication (vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure communication)
    - Vehicle perception based on embedded sensors (camera, radar, lidar)
    This thesis will contribute to Continental missions, especially:
    - Adapt the use case to real life scenario and customer needs
    - Go beyond state of the art for ISA topic and propose a more precise service
    - Target safety related technologies and link our study to AI / Safety related topics already explored by Continental.
    - Use Continental strategic advantage to understand industrial constraint and sensors’ “dead zones” for which a predictive approach would be helpful.
    - Enhance safety regarding recommended speed
    *Project Milestones*

    The following study phases are proposed:
    1. State-of-the-art review
    2. Problem definition
    3. Data collection and/or generation, data preprocessing, feature engineering
    4. Identify features that impact the current vehicle speed and the recommended speed
    5. Model recommended speed as a function of the contextual features
    6. Define an experimentation (in real drive and or in simulation) to test and evaluate the speed recommendation system


    Master of Science in engineering, mathematical optimization and/or artificial intelligence.
    A first experience in machine learning for decision making will be highly appreciated.
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Thesis: Contextual Recommended Speed (F/H)

Connecticum Job-Nr 1537090
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